Leadership Team

Dugan Aylen, QFP – Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer

DugDug has specialized in everything to do with franchisee recruitment for the last 12 years and has a passion for helping franchise companies find the right profile of franchise owner, as well as ensuring that potential franchisees go through the right process to ensure they also come to the right decision.


Away from franchising, Zimbabwean Dug lives with his wife and two children, Pippin and Quinn, in North Norfolk, England and loves triathlon, sailing, barefoot trail running, mountain biking and road cycling.

Paul Keiser, Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

PaulPaul’s entrepreneurial approach and experience blends management skills with practical, feet-on-the-street consultative marketing and sales experience. Comfortable in the field and in the boardroom, his background has created a documented track record of innovative sales processes and online and offline marketing programs. Paul is known for his ability to assess opportunity quickly, size up complex situations and move clients to act on opportunities.

Paul has been associated with numerous startups, intrapreneurial divisions as both an owner and key man. He excels in bringing new concepts to market and is a seasoned CRM, marketing automation and marketing infrastructure professional. His 35 years of business experience encompasses operations, client service, product development and marketing and sales strategy.

Prior to founding Franchise Pipeline Solutions, he served 13 years as the managing partner of Sales Conversion Group, primarily focused on helping clients use data for strategic competitive advantage.

During his career, he has worked with numerous midsize and Fortune 1000 clients, including Spring-Green Lawn Care, Purolator, National Louis University, Sears, Webprez, BellSouth, Ameritech, SBC, Lucent Technologies and Verizon. Paul holds Bachelor of Arts degrees from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with majors in journalism and political science.

Katie Snelling – Chief Marketing Officer

KatieKatie is the creative one! – a graphic and web designer who lives with her husband and two young children by the sea in North Norfolk, UK. Anything we get involved in that requires something looking nice, Katie will put it together…from websites and email design to social media portfolios, she does it all and more!

Katie brings a creative perspective to the business that is absolutely essential.

Derek Knaggs – Chief Technical Officer

DerekDerek is the main IT and systems guy, but he doesn’t fit the typical stereotype…He’s extremely client-friendly, an excellent problem solver and great team player!

Whether it’s finding solutions for system integrations, setting up telephone systems, playing with hardware or software, Derek is your man!

Derek is sport mad and plays Ultimate Frisbee in the summer months since he hates the cold. His passion for golf leads to many dreams about little white balls. Derek is loyal and hates letting people down, so usually doesn’t, unless of course there’s live sport on TV.

Recruitment Reports No Franchisor Should Live Without

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By Dug Aylen, Co-Founder & COO

These reports showcase important aspects of recruitment pipeline activity. These critical performance metrics are often scattered;
if available at all.

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Five Franchisee Recruitment Traps to Sidestep for Faster Growth

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By Paul Keiser, Co-Founder and CEO

Fast growing brands can easily slip into one or more of these traps as they tackle the challenges of rapid growth. Avoid them or risk hitting speed bumps along the journey.

Franchisee Lead Generation Secrets Revealed

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By Dugan Aylen & Paul Keiser, Co-Founders

We’ve compiled over a decade's lessons learned on how to work effectively with franchisee lead generation portals. Download our eBook and find out how portals can deliver better results for you.

Five Traps that Bring New Franchisee Growth to a Screeching Halt

Avoid these common franchisee recruitment traps"Five Traps that Bring New Franchisee Growth to a Screeching Halt" The #1 trap is often the least true. But it’s the easiest for a brand to feel good about; it’s quick, decisive but often the wrong choice. Can there be that many bad recruiters in franchising? Not likely. If slow growth is your problem, our experience says look at your franchisee recruitment process first. Just ask your recruiter. If they're candid, they'll tell you what's flawed. Hiring a new recruiter to "improve" results is surrender. A new recruiter simply rinses and repeats...

15 Years of Franchisee Recruitment Experience Allows Our Clients to Sign Up to 50% More Franchisees NO Extra Lead Gen Spend

15 Years of Franchisee Recruitment Experience  Allows Our Clients to Sign Up to 50% More FranchiseesNO Extra Lead Gen SpendI spend zero time chasing bad leads As an experienced franchisee recruiter, I know all about how hard it is to find serious leads. I’ve been doing it successfully now for over 15 years. Things weren’t always so good. When I look back, I can clearly see how changing buyer behavior was making me more and more inefficient. I needed to find new insights, a new methodology and a new recruitment process. My recruiting world was spinning out of control. Without changing how I...

How Should a Franchisee Recruitment Solution Help You Find Qualified Prospects?

A great recruitment solution allows your recruiters to spend virtually no time weeding out unqualified leads and focuses precious recruiter time on your most Qualified Prospects. Where do you stand? A good solution will import online leads automatically, and then send out follow-up emails. A better solution adds notes, email send and open rate tracking and provides basic reports accessible from anywhere. A great solution gives you advanced lead import and tracking, lead scoring, lead email nurturing, email and website tracking, text messaging, lead generation budget analysis, task scheduling...
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