Serious Leads Bypass Brands with Poor Storytelling

Without Great Storytelling Fewer Franchisee Agreements Get Signed

Serious leads look for 3 things online.
Do you satisfy them?

Most serious leads expect the same great experience from you that they get from major online retailers: complete information, reviews (owner stories), costs and how to buy.

That means creating a great online story that builds trust, confidence and credibility for your franchise brand is essential. If not, your potential serious lead moves on…a lost opportunity.

Serious leads hold real power. Your online story is your first “audition”. And that’s before they ever contact you. So to move a franchisee lead from curious to serious, your story has got to do these three things very well…

1. Answer: “what’s in it for me?” Is your franchise story all about you? A truly serious franchisee lead wants to quickly understand how they’d benefit from aligning their world with yours. That focus should inform every aspect of your story.

2. Answer: “is everything here?” Is your story complete?  Can a serious lead easily find the information they want? Do you set up artificial barriers to information? Do you prematurely ask for financial disclosures or phone calls to “get the good stuff?” Do you give a serious lead many reasons to contact you? Is your story easy to understand or filled with indecipherable gobbledygook? Does your story showcase the great things you do for your franchisees to relieve their anxiety?

3. Answer: “Does your story inspire trust, confidence and credibility?” Does your story draw visitors in? Is information easy to find? Do all the links work? Are pages uncluttered, easy to scan and include video? Little things count most in building trust, confidence and crediiblity in the early research phase with a serious lead.

Telling a great story is challenging. If your online story is weak then you can’t attract enough serious leads. That then doubles or triples the budget needed to find enough serious leads to meet your franchisee recruitment goals. Give yourself a fighting chance to attract serious leads. And we’ll help you automate finding them.

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