TREND Transformations Case Study

TREND Transformations Case Study

TrendTransformationsLogoClient Background

Granite Transformations began in Perth, Australia in 1996. After 5 years of successful growth in Australia and New Zealand through franchising, the firm launched into the USA in 2001, followed quickly by the UK in 2004.The entire product range is now available through over 150 franchisees worldwide with impressive revenues totalling over $200 million.

In 2014, Granite Transformations undertook a global brand identity change and refresh, the most prominent feature of which is a new name: TREND Transformations.


For a variety of reasons North American franchise development had stagnated in 2014 and 2015.

Along with personnel changes, the recruitment process was fragmented. It took many separate manual process steps to link it all together. It was inefficient and ineffectual.

In 2015, FPS was awarded the contract to rebuild the entire franchisee recruitment process, lead generation and lead qualification methods and how pipeline management would be handled…all using the firm’s proprietary recruitment methods and solutions, already in use throughout the United Kingdom for five years.


  • trend-case-study-quoteIdentify and profile the most successful franchisees
  • Identify where to find leads that looked like these franchisees
  • Automate all previously manual pipeline management steps
  • Track, score and match all incoming leads via email, online, text and phone
  • Keep unqualified leads away from the recruiter
  • Focus the recruiter’s time on Qualified Prospects only


Nothing was sacred. A top down strategy was initiated working down from new franchisee goals. Time was not our friend.

The primary recruitment improvements put in place include:

  • Re-imagining and rebuilding the entire recruitment process
  • Revamping where lead generation budgets were invested
  • Redefining what a Qualified Lead should look like
  • Introducing a lead tracking and scoring process
  • Providing serious investors an easy process to speak with a recruiter
  • Pipeline management as these Qualified Prospects move into the internal recruitment toward Discovery Day with their recruiter


  • 30x faster response to new leads than before
  • 60% improvement in Qualified Prospects
  • 50% improvement in new signed franchisees


“How it’s working for me”

“I spent a good chunk of every day manually entering every new lead into an older system; then calling to reach them.

trend-case-study-quote1With an average of 10 leads a day, this may seem an easy way to handle things, but with a “speak to” rate of less than 30%, this meant I was only talking to 2 or 3 leads a day and leaving messages and emails for the other 7 or 8.

I’d guess I was spending about 30 minutes a month just trying to speak to each one of these 200 leads. When we documented this effort it came out around 48% of my work time.

This process of call-leave voicemail-send email and repeat soon meant I wasn’t able to keep up with the build up of uncontacted leads, so I simply had to give up after 3 attempts to have a chance of keeping up with the new leads coming in.

mike_malloryFPS Pro Prospector has transformed the way I work. Now I rarely deal with unqualified leads unless they’re calling me cold. Pro Prospector has eliminated most of the drudgery of franchise recruitment from my work life.

Now instead, as FPS assured me, I find my days filled with long and productive conversations with Qualified Prospects. And I’m signing more too.”

– Mike Mallory, VP of Franchise Development, TREND Transformations

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