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Selected clients

Trend Transformations

Trend Transformations has been an established franchise brand for 15 years, and has over 140 franchise owners worldwide. Combining the finest granites, quartz and glass with state-of-the-art polymer technology, every installation is individually produced to order and manufactured off-site


Countrywide Signs

Countrywide Signs have been a franchise brand for over 10 years. Countrywide Signs supplies, erects and maintains “For Sale” signs for Estate Agents and Letting Agents. Countrywide Signs has 60 franchisees in the UK and Ireland.


Hwy 55 Burgers Shakes & Fries

Hwy 55 Burgers Shakes & Fries, the official restaurant of National Hamburger Day and National Cheeseburger Day is a retro-themed diner that features fresh, never frozen, hand-pattied burgers, house-made frozen custard and other classic favorites in a unique, open kitchen setting.  Hwy 55 currently has 135 locations in 12 states, Denmark and the United Arab Emirates.



Flutter eyelash extensions are a new and exciting beauty service that accentuates the natural beauty of a client’s eyes with lash enhancements that have weeks of staying power. They are applied in the comfort and privacy of a client’s own home!

Just Falafel

Just Falafel is the biggest falafel fast food franchise in the world. The story of Just Falafel started in 2007 in the United Arab Emirates. Today the chain is present in more than 8 countries, and is fast expanding beyond.


Client testimonials

Assist With Solutions

“I have worked with Dug and his team for a number of years. In 2012, having analyzed fully our business development strategy, I felt that systemization was the key to future success. This system is based on Dug’s many years as a Franchise Development Professional, with all the intricacies that this role demands, and you can really tell.” – Andy MacDonald, CEO

The Financial Management Centre

“We transitioned our franchise business development in a timely and efficient manner with minimal disruption to our current workflow. I can’t recommend them highly enough for their prompt and professional service.” – Alex King, Managing Director

Recruitment Reports No Franchisor Should Live Without

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By Dug Aylen, Co-Founder & COO

These reports showcase important aspects of recruitment pipeline activity. These critical performance metrics are often scattered;
if available at all.

Accelerate Franchisee Growth…Expand Faster

How many more new franchisees would you like?

Discover the impact faster growth can have on your franchise brand in a few simple steps...

Five Franchisee Recruitment Traps to Sidestep for Faster Growth

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By Paul Keiser, Co-Founder and CEO

Fast growing brands can easily slip into one or more of these traps as they tackle the challenges of rapid growth. Avoid them or risk hitting speed bumps along the journey.

Franchisee Lead Generation Secrets Revealed

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By Dugan Aylen & Paul Keiser, Co-Founders

We’ve compiled over a decade's lessons learned on how to work effectively with franchisee lead generation portals. Download our eBook and find out how portals can deliver better results for you.

Franchise Pipeline Solutions Services Summary

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Integrated CRM and marketing automation solutions for startups, young and emerging franchise brands and franchise brokers with an emphasis on "personal branding".

5 Common Franchisee Recruitment Traps that Stall Unit Growth for New, Growing or Emerging Brands

Own, run or finance a franchise? Avoid these 5 common traps that stall or kill unit growth 1. Firing Your Recruiter The #1 trap is often the least true. But it’s the easiest for a brand to feel good about; it’s quick, decisive but often the wrong choice. Can there be that many bad recruiters in franchising? Not likely. If slow growth is your problem, our experience says look at your franchisee recruitment process first. Just ask your recruiter. If they're candid, they'll tell you what's...

The Science & Art of Franchisee Recruitment

Signing new franchisees is very much a numbers game. However, without consistent, replicable processes and methods the numbers to hit growth goals will simply not stack up… When a successful company sets up as a franchise, they usually want to become a nationally recognized brand. Recruiting great franchisees to cover every available territory can make that happen quickly. By selecting the right franchisees, a franchisor lays the foundation for a high-quality, motivated franchise network....

My 12-Year Journey to Great Recruitment Pipeline Management

It takes a recruiter up to 30 minutes to ‘speak with’ one new lead! Think about it. It starts with manual or auto entry in a CRM, error checks, research, territory lookup, 1st call + voicemail + email; 2nd call + voicemail + email and finally 3rd call + voicemail + email. The more personalized your message(s) to the new lead the longer it takes to think it through and make it relevant. Time, time, time. As an experienced franchise recruitment executive, I know about handling and qualifying...
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