Our Approach: How We Deliver Up to 50% More Franchisees

Focus on the best; ignore the rest

That may sound extreme. It’s not. Our approach focuses recruiter time and attention on interested people instead of chasing everyone. We track what people do as they interact with your story online and in video, email and texts. We use Artificial Intelligence algorithms to surface these “serious leads”.

Pro Prospector finds serious leads for our recruiters. Our recruiters regain wasted time spent chasing bad leads. Pro Prospector finds the 5% to 10% of leads that show serious interest and are more open to contact.

Pro Prospector Tracks, Ranks and Manages Every Lead

Pro Prospector uses proprietary approaches and solutions to track, rank and manage leads. Pro Prospector incrementally awards points based on a lead’s behavior. When their score moves them to a serious rank, Pro Prospector tells you. These are the leads our recruiters spend time with and why they can deliver up to 50% more franchisee with no extra LeadGen spend.

Real Life Experience and Testimonials  Speak Louder than Claims

Based on our direct experience with franchisors of all sizes, 5% to 10% of all leads who enter Pro Prospector become serious leads worthy of recruiter attention. That’s due to the interaction between our approach and Pro Prospector.

Few recruiters see these kind of numbers. Even if your recruiter already does, imagine if they had back the 43% of time spent chasing bad leads. Our experience shows that same recruiter can sign up to 50% more deals because they talk to interested people.

Schedule a Call today. See why there’s nothing else quite like Pro Prospector for delivering franchisee growth.

Recruitment Reports No Franchisor Should Live Without

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