Use Words, Images and Videos to Draw Serious Leads Into Your Opportunity

Visually Draw Qualified Prospects Into Your Opportunity

Great communication inspires trust, confidence and credibility

A great online presence is the next best thing to a great physical location. It should showcase your entire opportunity. A dedicated franchise website is where serious leads will do their research and likely decide whether to contact you.

At its best your dedicated website is often a highly visual and engaging version of your story. Serious leads should encounter a rich assortment of words, numbers, pictures and video woven together to persuade and encourage contact.

A great website will be visited again and again by a serious lead truly interested in your franchise opportunity.

At this early stage, serious leads will read well written and organized long copy. Your headlines and subheads should draw serious leads in. Skimming and surfing multiple pages is OK at first. Your most serious leads come back for more than once to learn.


View our Great Storytelling Checklist and see how you stack up. If we can help, let us know.

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