The Franchising Centre Case Study

The Franchising Centre Case Study

Client Background

The Franchising Centre are the UK’s leading team of professional consultants to the franchise community.

Collectively their consultants have over 200 years in franchising, have worked with companies large and small and bring unparalleled knowledge and experience to their clients’ projects.

The Franchising Centre started in the mid 1990’s when Brian Duckett, Paul Monaghan and Bill Pegram formed a franchise consultancy with the lofty aspirations of becoming the leading firm of franchise advisors in the UK.

Today, they still own and actively manage the business and have achieved their goals and are now regarded as Europe’s leading firm of franchise consultants and trainers.


In 2012, The Franchising Centre carried out a comprehensive Mystery Shopping study on the franchisee recruitment processes of all active franchisors in the UK.

Two franchise companies stood head and shoulders above the rest as having the best approach, processes and solutions to communicating with franchise leads.

Having realized that Dugan Aylen was attached to both brands, one of the directors, Paul Monaghan initiated contact and a joint venture company was eventually formed called the Franchisee Recruitment Centre, adding a new division to The Franchising Centre.


  • Provide existing franchise consultants with better resources to aid franchisee recruitment
  • Provide new franchisors with a clear and consistent method to recruit franchisees
  • Become the cohesive, logical choice for franchisee recruitment solutions
  • To create and build a network of dedicated and experienced franchisee recruitment consultants
  • Increase clients’ speed of growth while helping them retain strong franchisee networks


  • Created a new business model built on the unique systems and processes developed by Dugan over 9 years
  • Seamlessly integrated franchisee recruitment into the overall franchise development process for new brands
  • Created a fully outsourced franchisee recruitment solution
  • Created a solution that allows a franchisor’s internal franchisee recruitment team to work exclusively with Qualified Prospects


  • PREMIER RECRUITER: a fully outsourced franchisee recruitment solution
  • PRO PROSPECTOR: allows a franchisor’s internal franchisee recruitment team to work exclusively with Qualified Prospects rather than contacting every franchise lead


“How it’s working for me”


“Over the last 25 years we have built a franchise consultancy network we can be proud of, and which is now the largest and most successful in the UK.

Partnering with Dugan Aylen, along with his unique and dedicated franchisee recruitment system and processes has allowed us to fill the only real gap we had left in the market….franchisee recruitment.

tfc-case-study-quote1Every business has areas they can improve upon and, for us, retaining franchisor clients once we’d got them to the launch stage proved difficult because we had nothing absolutely clear and cohesive to offer them when it came to finding franchisees.

Since we formed the joint venture company with Dug called the Franchisee Recruitment Centre, our entire franchise development model has been shaken up to ensure that the relationships we build up with our clients during the early phases continue all the way through to helping support franchisee recruitment and beyond.

Retaining good consultants and good clients is key to our stability and growth and the Franchisee Recruitment Centre headed by Dug has helped solidifiy this position.

Often for our development consultants, franchisee recruitment was a tough and time-consuming task that many were not interested in being involved in. The only way they knew how to help franchisors recruit franchisees was the typical ‘ring – leave message – send email – repeat’.paul-monaghan

Retaining good consultants and good clients is key to our stability and growth and the Franchisee Recruitment Centre headed by Dug has helped solidifiy this position.”

– Paul Monaghan, Founder and Director, The Franchising Centre

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